Monday, January 31, 2005

Geopolitical Agenda of the Month

February, 2nd: Bush talks about the State of Union.
In 2002 he talked about Iraq, Iran and North Corea. After the Iraqi war, some opinionist belive possibile an action against Iran.

February, 4-7th : Chirac in Senegal and Congo-Brazzaville.
The French President, will go to Dakar and Brazzaville in order to partecipate to regional summit. France has a relevant politic in Africa, in particular in the French area, inheritance of the French colonialism, and often in competition with America's one. Politics of Paris are very controversial. The government of the Ruanda, for example, has accused France to have had a role of support of the deaths during the genocide of 1994.

February, 7-10th: Rice concludes her diplomatic tour in Europe and Middle East. The U.S. Secretary of State will arrive the 7th in Italy, after the visit in Israel.

February, 8th: at Sharm el-Sheik, Sharon and Abu Mazen. This summit will take place in Egypt under the supervision of the Egiptian president and the Jordan King.
Extremely important for this summit is the agreement between Abu Mazen and Hamas for a break in the Territory.

February, 10th. At Ryad will take place the administrative national elections. It is considered the first step toward democracy.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another strange effort to make an European Software Patent Directive

On last December 21st the Polish Government acted to remove the A-item of adopting the "Software Patent Directive" from the agenda of the European Agricultural Council meeting. Someone has also made a thank Poland site with a petition.
On Next Monday this strange procedure to get a software patent directive also in Europe will return to the Agricultural Council.
It's a significant trick to get a directive, making a discussion on the agenda of a forum that has nothing to share with software political decisions.
I think that the form of a discussion is reflected on the argument and heavy influences its content.
If you want to read more on this argument you can read this interesting post on Grocklaw.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Geopolitical Agenda of the Month

26-30 January: World Economic Forum at Davos
It is the abitual appointment for political meeting among the main global leaders. Even higher, the presence of middle-east countries. This year it will be of particular interest because of the important changes occured: the Abu Mazen's victory and Bush's second term.

30 January: Iraq Elections
The interim Iraqi government has set a date of 30 January 2005 for its first nationwide election since the toppling of Saddam Hussein.
Purpose of the vote: voters will choose 275 members of a national assembly, whose main task will be to debate and approve a new constitution, paving the way for new elections in December 2005. There will also be elections to 18 provincial assemblies as well as to the autonomous Kurdish parliament in the north

18-22 January: at Kobe, Onu conference on disaster prevention
This conference will take place in Japan and will deal with the recent disaster in Asia and the creation of alarm systems. This appointment match with the 10th anniversary of the hearthquake that destroyed the city.

19-22 January: Haj pilgrimage to Mecca.
This event reminds the geopolitical role of Saudi Arabi and his government as caretakers of the principal islamic holy sites.

20th January: inauguration day for the second term of President Bush
The war on terror, the conflict in Iraq and the Middle East peace process top the administration's foreign policy agenda. Bush also has nominated replacements for more than half of his Cabinet since winning re-election last November. Among them, Condoleeza Rice is the new secretary of State. On her way, the difficult situation of Middle East, after the Abu Mazen's victory and before the national elections.

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

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