Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pope's Leadership

You guys for sure know my commitment for a responsible leadership worldwide.
Few months ago I reported (not here) the vision indicating the Pope and Bin Laden as two (obviously opposite) living examples of leadership. In this days we are all following the story of Pope’s health as an analogy with Christ’s path to the cross.
I am not concerned about, I suppose obvious, the important role this Pope has in this world and all the good he did, but I am dealing with this topic: may we define the leader from his leadership or viceversa ? Stating this, would assume a factual approach, stating the opposite would assume a natural approach.
An example of the first kind: Given the leadership, so should be the leader, since his decisions reflects his personality. But we may weaken this argument by stating that actual leadership may be influenced also by social environment, thus making certain decision mandatory.
An example of the second kind: given the leader, so should be the leadership, since his personality may only produces certain decisions. But we may weaken this argument, by saying that people may change during their life (during their assignments) because of personal reasons or external ones.
So, how we end up ?
In my humble opinion, a leader is not only what he did, but also what he would have done. But, sure, it’s only what he did that produce effects. So leadership and leader and two faces of the same coin. The first is concerned about the how, the last about the why.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Kyoto Protocol and its successors

On 16th February the Kyoto Protocol will become active in Italy.
It has been a long wait since the Kyoto protocol was signed in the early hours of 11 December 1997, and the real new task will be to find its successor.
Scientists are all together persuaded that this protocol is not enough strong to block the world climate change, and the long time took by the activation process had really slowed down the search of the real problem's solution.
The Kyoto Protocol had introduced a new point of view to get a development on the treatment of environment problems, putting together industrial expansion capacities with atmospheric pollution's responsibilities, with an economic connection that makes convenience from the reduction of polluting emissions.
I think we must proceed in that way: the economic treatment of environment exploitation is the key of a new industrial production sustainability.
Now we must work to proceed this process, and to find a way to force all the states (U.S.A. participation is strictly necessary) to join to the next initiatives, making hurry to get the Kyoto Protocol obsolete.

Fellows Definitions

Often, in particular among non native English speakers, the term "fellow" comes up.
Here is a useful remind:

fellow (MEMBER)
noun {C}
1 a member of a group of high-ranking teachers at a particular college or university or of particular academic societies:
- Georgia's a fellow of Clare College, Cambridge.

2 a member of an official organization for a particular subject or job:
- He's a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

fellow (MAN)
a man, used especially in the past by people in a higher social class:
- He seemed like a decent sort of a fellow

fellow (SHARED)
adjective {before noun}
describes someone who has the same job or interests as you, or is in the same situation as you:
- She introduced me to some of her fellow students.
- Our fellow travellers were mostly Spanish-speaking tourists.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A little thougth on Hajj

Some days ago, in La Mecca, as Cesare noticed in the Geopolitical Agenda of the last month, we saw something quite beautiful. Some days ago it was Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage Muslims have to do at least once in a lifetime. Some days ago we saw millions of people from every part of the world going to La Mecca inspired by their religion.
They weren’t dangerous, they weren’t angry against the world, they weren’t like a lot of people in the West (do you know Oriana Fallaci?) love to picture them: terrorists, people with a lower culture, people with a wrong justice and wrong traditions. I think it isn’t so. I think it was something special seeing all those people in the same place praying to a God full of love, knowledge and goodness.
And if someone hates these people it’s simply because this person is really scared about what is the destiny of the whole mankind: living together, Muslims with Christians, Jews with Induist, Buddist with Atheist. Because the world is so little that you can’t consider such a little thing like religion as a way to make a man hates another one.

Prelude to the Information Era

I think in this world we got a lot of information, even too much. We got a lot of newspapers with thousands of journalists, a lot of TV channel full of news and spokesmen, a lot of friends always ready to tell you the last gossip or the new world catastrophe. And finally, we got the Internet, a peaceful and frightening way to lose our bearings in less than a minute, overwhelmed with loads of noise we weren’t seeking for.
So I think it’s useless, from my point of view, to add another piece of objective (?) information to the Internet. I think it’s better, much better, writing our personal thoughts on the events that take place every day in this world. With this in mind and perfectly aware of my lack of knowledge in the written English language (all my praises go to Shakespeare and Shaw), I will carry on my part of this great blog in this way. I hope you, readers of this blog, will follow me with a lot of comments.
So speak Matteo.