Monday, February 07, 2005

The Kyoto Protocol and its successors

On 16th February the Kyoto Protocol will become active in Italy.
It has been a long wait since the Kyoto protocol was signed in the early hours of 11 December 1997, and the real new task will be to find its successor.
Scientists are all together persuaded that this protocol is not enough strong to block the world climate change, and the long time took by the activation process had really slowed down the search of the real problem's solution.
The Kyoto Protocol had introduced a new point of view to get a development on the treatment of environment problems, putting together industrial expansion capacities with atmospheric pollution's responsibilities, with an economic connection that makes convenience from the reduction of polluting emissions.
I think we must proceed in that way: the economic treatment of environment exploitation is the key of a new industrial production sustainability.
Now we must work to proceed this process, and to find a way to force all the states (U.S.A. participation is strictly necessary) to join to the next initiatives, making hurry to get the Kyoto Protocol obsolete.


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Cesare said...

Puts into account to say that climate changes are influenced also by other factors rather than only for the human life style.
Of course the pollution is a serious problem to deal with and even if protocols and meetings are one way to respond, it's a global awareness of the problem that is still needed.
Our technologies are certainly now mature for a variegate sources of energy, starting from hydrogen. Research, combined with a different life style (i.e. differentiating wastes), may have a strong impact on world’s health. So, why are we still reasoning upon nuclear sources ? Isn’t it an “awareness of the problem” what’s needed ?


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