Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A little thougth on Hajj

Some days ago, in La Mecca, as Cesare noticed in the Geopolitical Agenda of the last month, we saw something quite beautiful. Some days ago it was Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage Muslims have to do at least once in a lifetime. Some days ago we saw millions of people from every part of the world going to La Mecca inspired by their religion.
They weren’t dangerous, they weren’t angry against the world, they weren’t like a lot of people in the West (do you know Oriana Fallaci?) love to picture them: terrorists, people with a lower culture, people with a wrong justice and wrong traditions. I think it isn’t so. I think it was something special seeing all those people in the same place praying to a God full of love, knowledge and goodness.
And if someone hates these people it’s simply because this person is really scared about what is the destiny of the whole mankind: living together, Muslims with Christians, Jews with Induist, Buddist with Atheist. Because the world is so little that you can’t consider such a little thing like religion as a way to make a man hates another one.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Cesare said...

Remember that last year there were some deaths during the pilgrimage, due to the huge and disorganized amout of people.
Sure the world has to learn how to leave together, but probably this won't come by the way of religion. Religions of all kind have often caused important international conflicts.
For what concerns Oriana Fallaci, have you read her books ? If not, please do. You might still not agree with her, but you will find the reason of 1Ml sold.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Matteo said...

I didn't mean that people has to learn to live together by the way of religion, I meant exactly the opposite.
And, for instance, I'v read just a couple of pages of her last three books: they are disgusting, full of angry and rage against a group of people she neither know. How I may find the reason of 1Ml sold? I will find this reason in her great fear of different people, with different culture and tradition? Do we have to take lessons from a teacher who is frightened by the world around her? I don't think so. You can read her books, if you want, but, like a journalist of Repubblica said a couple of weeks ago, you couldn't talk with a person that won't respect your ideas, only because they are different from her ones.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Cesare said...

Mumble... you have read just a couple of pages and you know what they are full of ?
I am not saying that I totally agree with her, sure there are some data inaccuracy, but I find your comments just a bit of superficial...

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Matteo said...

I hope you're joking!
I've read only a couple of pages, and that's true, but I think I have understand at least something of what she thinks about the world in general and the Muslim World in particular. And I totally disagree with her.
If you want, I will read one of her book, but I don't think (I'm not sure, clearly) that this will change my mind. I've read also a lot of recent interview ti her and some article she wrote in recent times, and, I repeat, I think to have quite understood her.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous l a u r a * said...

Hey there.
I'm only lurking your blog but I'd like to tell you my humble opinion.

I agree with Matteo, Oriana Fallaci's success is the expression of Italy's fear.
We're all frightened by what could happen, seen the facts of the last years, but I think it's too easy to point the finger on something you don't even know only because you think it's wrong.
I haven't read her books and I don't plan to. I've heard her interviews and it seems to me like a person who doesn't want to share her thoughts and discuss her opinions. She just wants everybody to agree that Islam and Muslims are "EVIL".

I'm scared too and I know that fundamentalists are hard to control, but you can't just hate a whole race or religion, or condemn a whole country for what they did wrong. If you did so, what would Germany be like today?


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