Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pope's Leadership

You guys for sure know my commitment for a responsible leadership worldwide.
Few months ago I reported (not here) the vision indicating the Pope and Bin Laden as two (obviously opposite) living examples of leadership. In this days we are all following the story of Pope’s health as an analogy with Christ’s path to the cross.
I am not concerned about, I suppose obvious, the important role this Pope has in this world and all the good he did, but I am dealing with this topic: may we define the leader from his leadership or viceversa ? Stating this, would assume a factual approach, stating the opposite would assume a natural approach.
An example of the first kind: Given the leadership, so should be the leader, since his decisions reflects his personality. But we may weaken this argument by stating that actual leadership may be influenced also by social environment, thus making certain decision mandatory.
An example of the second kind: given the leader, so should be the leadership, since his personality may only produces certain decisions. But we may weaken this argument, by saying that people may change during their life (during their assignments) because of personal reasons or external ones.
So, how we end up ?
In my humble opinion, a leader is not only what he did, but also what he would have done. But, sure, it’s only what he did that produce effects. So leadership and leader and two faces of the same coin. The first is concerned about the how, the last about the why.


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