Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Prelude to the Information Era

I think in this world we got a lot of information, even too much. We got a lot of newspapers with thousands of journalists, a lot of TV channel full of news and spokesmen, a lot of friends always ready to tell you the last gossip or the new world catastrophe. And finally, we got the Internet, a peaceful and frightening way to lose our bearings in less than a minute, overwhelmed with loads of noise we weren’t seeking for.
So I think it’s useless, from my point of view, to add another piece of objective (?) information to the Internet. I think it’s better, much better, writing our personal thoughts on the events that take place every day in this world. With this in mind and perfectly aware of my lack of knowledge in the written English language (all my praises go to Shakespeare and Shaw), I will carry on my part of this great blog in this way. I hope you, readers of this blog, will follow me with a lot of comments.
So speak Matteo.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Cesare said...

You're right, Matteo.
In fact, this Blog is open to all kind of post shown in the Manifesto. Anyone, moreover, can leave comments.
If you are referring to the monthly geopolitical agenda, it's only a partial translation of a limes (italian geopolitical magazine) newsletter I receive.
It could be a way to start a discussion using comments.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Matteo said...

And you're perfectly right too, Cesare.
The Geopolitica Agenda of the month is a perfect way to start comments on this world.


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