Saturday, March 05, 2005

Giuliana Sgrena is Free !!

Our happiness, however, is dramatically wrapped by a disturbing epilogue. A secret agent of Italian’s intelligence SISMI has been killed in a gunfire at a checkpoint to the way to Baghdaad’s airport.
In this strange situation, we are happy for the liberation of Giuliana, and proud of how Italy has reacted to her kidnapping. But we should learn to separate people from problems.
In terms of human lives, nothing really changes: a death has occurred. And each human being is equally important as the others.
In terms of political achievement, an hostage has been set free (we actually don’t know if by way of some money) and this is much better rather than what happened with Enzo Baldoni, whose body hasn’t still come back. However, still in terms of political achievement a key agent has been killed. An agent that is not only made of his thoughts, his family, his children, his life. An agent that, politically speaking, was made of recruiting, training, know-how, skills. A set of qualities that will be hard to put together again in a difficult area like the Iraq. This is a great political, even military, loss.
But SISMI’s world is obscure, and I cannot yet understand how a man could die in an armored car, I hope wearing a full metal jacket. I cannot yet understand even how a gunfire could happen in that circumstances.
So, today, my happiness is not really such an happiness. It’s a relief for a woman’s destiny, a sadness for a man’s destiny, and big stomachache for how so-thought talented diplomatic officials, civil servants, ambassadors, so-acclaimed generals, politics’ strives turned into results.


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